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About Xtensible

When it comes to getting control and value of data and information, no one has put more thought, effort, and expertise into making sense of the vast repositories of utility data than Xtensible. As utilities spend billions of dollars in the coming years to add smart meters and the advanced sensing, control, and communications technology needed to transform the existing infrastructure into an intelligent grid, the volume of data being captured will increase exponentially.

At Xtensible, we focus on one thing: helping utilities make sense of their data assets so they are optimally positioned to meet everyday business challenges while also building a solid foundation for the intelligent utility of the future. As a driving force behind the development and implementation of the open standards, such as IEC CIM, that underpin current and future interoperability initiatives, Xtensible is a leading provider of semantic-based integration and information management solutions to the utility industry worldwide.

Leveraging these standards, together with our MD3i Framework and consulting services, we stand ready to help you and your system integrators extract the intelligence, business agility, and value you need from the data you manage, thus becoming a strategic partner as you transform into the intelligent utilities of the future.

For more information, please download Xtensible Solutions Overview.

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